Sunday, August 15, 2010

[007] Lynn Walsh (USA)

[007] Talk to God Now - Lynn Walsh  (USA)

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Tell God what you want. It’s quick. It’s easy!
Just pick up the God Cell, and phone card and dial!
Communicate directly to the God or Deity Representing
your Religion
Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism
Try one…  or try them all!
  • Fun at spiritual ceremonies, conventions and parties – and it could even save your life or the life of someone you love. A great gift for all occasions and ages.

  • No more wondering if your prayers will be answered, no more waiting on hold, leaving unanswered messages on annoying automated voicemail boxes, or dealing with outsourced call centers, or moody intermediaries.

  • When you have a crisis or important decision to make, you’ve sinned or your life is in imminent danger, you need answers immediately so
    TALK TO GOD NOW™!               1-866-G O D B L E S S

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Communicate directly to the God or Deity Representing
your Religion
      • Christianity
      • Islam
      • Judaism
      • Hinduism
n these hectic times of limitless need and world-wide crisis, why waste the time and monetary expense, donating, making offerings or traveling to churches, synagogues, mosques, shrines and temples? If you don’t have the inclination or time to pray or meditate, repeating endless supplications, mantras or memorizing passages from The Holy Books and spiritual literature, then use “
TALK TO GOD – NOW ™ to bypass all those dubious activities and get some immediate action.
Put YOUR needs first, by connecting immediately to the God, OR Deity of your choice instantly!
In this once in a lifetime special offer we’ve included the private numbers of the most powerful God Heads of the world’s most popular religions along with:
  1. Direct to God Cell Phone
(4) Righteously Customized Pre-Paid phone cards
      (In English, Spanish, Arabic & French)
Chrisitians, Mulims, Jews and Hindus, we guarantee prompt, direct access to the God, or Diety of your choosing – instantly 24/7 or your money back.
Why wait? Order now! Group discounts available:.
1-866-G O D B L E S S

DISCLAIMER: Please read carefully prior to use
The opinions of God or Deities do not necessarily reflect the views of T.T.G.N.© or it’s affiliates, including Lynn Walsh. T.T.G.N©. is not morally, spiritually or legally responsible for the results of using this product. Miracles are not included or guaranteed under the terms of this purchase contract. Results of “Acts of God” are not insured by T.T.G.N© and consumer acknowledges all responsibility. Not recommended for use by Secular/nonreligious, Agnostics or Atheists, or those with pre-existing heart conditions.
This is a limited time only offer, use the time on your pre-paid your cards wisely, no additional replacements are available. Text messaging option not available. Some ambiguous restrictions apply due to U.S. F.C.C. and International Governmental Regulations. Calling plans vary by area. Some materials used in production are recycled.

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