Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[082] Tara Verheide - USA

[082]Cheap Thrills - Tara Verheide - USA
materials: box with lath and string with safely pins holding beads with letters that spell Flux Box
inside a mirror, four books of matches, several Land-O-Lakes butter box parts and instructions for lude activities for the enclosed materials.

FluxBox Directions:
Make The CheapThrills FluxBox:
Buy Land o' Lakes Butter so as to recycle box.
Recycle box by cutting out its' side panels which image the  Native American (previously known as "Indian")  Maiden.
Place Panels, in any box suitable, along with some Xacto or utility style blades, and a roll of tape.
Place as many match books as you have pairs of recycled panels in the same box.
Label the Storage Box, now known as a FluxBox: "Cheap Thrills".
Put the FluxBox away until Cheap Thrills will suffice.
Utilize The CheapThrills FluxBox:
After Opening The FluxBox,Give each FluxBox participant 2 Panels, a blade, and a book of matches.
Instruct participants to use blade to cut clean through, bottom and sides of butter box held against Maiden's Chest so that a flap with hinge at the top is created. 
Now Instruct participants to place knees of other panels Maiden Image behind the flap.
Open and close the flap at will for a cheap thrill.
If this thrill does not make participants feel sufficient heat for thrill to occur. utilize matches.
Instruct participants to remove 3 matches from MatchBook.
Have participnts split cardboard of one match into 2 legs about half way up shaft, leave match head intact.
Place a secnd atch between the split legs, heads in same direction.
With third match, strike to light, and touch to light the othere 2 match heads ready and in formation.
Watch action for your next Thrill.
Tell your participants that if this box did not light their fires then they will need to spend more time and money elsewhere.
Be Aware:
Is in no means
Limited to
To begin, get yourself in touch with a room full of stuff you are free to use.
Handle as much of the stuff as time allows in one shot.
Put aside anything that strikes your fancy.
Go away.
Come back at a later time.
In one shot, take all the items saved-out, the entire collection, and as quickly as possible slap them together into compositions that  follow a numerical rule only. 
Keep the rule simple, say 2 or 3 items per individual composition. 
Once the number rule is made, stick to it. 
As you assemble the items, use whatever means available to adhere them together. 
Go as fast as you can, think as little as possible; and do not stop until all the items collected, are used up.
When there are no more items to adhere, you are done.
Sign each composition, date and number 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, etc..
Show work or give work away gratis, preferably via mail.

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