Friday, September 10, 2010

[126] Lawrence Charles Miller - USA

[126] The Big Game - Lawrence Charles Miller - USA
pencil drawing over a print of an antique photo of dead buffalo on paper - 9.5 x 8 inches

[125] Tulio Restrepo - Columbia

[125] Fluxus Stencil Kit (Street Art Performance) - Tulio Restrepo - Columbia

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

[124] Helen Amyes - Australia

[124] Artspeak Bingo - Helen Amyes - Australia
Home made Bingo Cards with instructions to mark off the words on the bingo card when you hear them at an art opening. The person who scratches out all the words wins.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

[123] BreAndrea Rudolph USA

[123] Shadow Joker - BreAndrea Rudolph - USA
collage on paper
A joker who lives in the shadows and creates magic.

[122] Branislava Nikolic Bransha Austria

[122] Puzzle of a Painting - Branislava Nikolic Bransha  Austria

[121] Tulio Restrepo - Columbia

[121] No Stencil Fluxus Visual Poetry - Tulio Restrepo - Columbia

[120] Julie Jeffries - USA

[120] Julie Jeffries - USA
Large painted canvas game board with game pieces (found objects) and home made game cards

[119] Andrew Eyman - USA

[119] Stay Asleep - Andrew Eyman - USA

[118] Amber Morgan USA

[118] Just a Game? - Amber Morgan - USA
Mixed media assemblage using found objects, twine, poker chop, playing cards
Note: with this minimalist assemblage I hope to convey symbolism of the addiction that gambling can become, a binding addiction of chance and luck.

[117] Jaromir Svozilik Norway

[117] Skiddle Alley - Jaromir Svozilik Norway
drawing on paper - 6x8 inches

[116] Niki Murphy USA

[116] Tick Tack Toe - Niki Murphy USA
a part of a tree limb cut with one flat side with twigs made into a game board for tick tack toe. Also so includes the 'X's and 'O's.

[115] James Bowen - USA

 [115] The Key to the Lock is in the Box - James Bowen - USA
12x12x8 inches - Material: Keys, Glue, Wood
Description: This is a locked box made out of keys. The whole point of the box is for it to be something that shouldn't be. This box is permanently shut with the key to the lock on the box locked inside.

[114] Jane Humber USA

[114] Puzzle - Jane Humber - USA
broken glass from a blue glass mug in a plastic box with a photo of the unbroken cup.

[113] Carol Gibson - USA

[113] Game Mask - Carol Gibson - USA
paper mache, acrylic paint, paper playing cards, glitter, glue, glass, medium and varnish

[112] Alexandra Holownia - Alexandrasfly Puzzle - Germany

[112] Alexandrasfly Puzzle - Alexandra Holownia - Germany
materials: box with laminated images of 6 designs that can be made with the blocks

[111] Kris Moore USA

[111] Kris Moore USA
Black box with paper hand towel with the words 'read first'

[110] Tulio Restrepo - Columbia

[110] Fluxus Spinning Top Game - Tulio Restrepo - Columbia

[109] Costis - Greece

[109] Poetic Virus Master Game - Costis - Greece

[108] Peter Whittenberger - USA

[108] The Alone Time Games - Peter Whittenberger - USA
Video - click on link to watch