Tuesday, August 31, 2010

[107] Keiichi Nakamura - Tokyo, Japan

[107] Fluxus Performance Dice - Keiichi Nakamura - Tokyo, Japan
Piece of printed paper with instructions to make dice out of the three crosses followed by instructions for performance by one director and two performers.

also included in the package was a seperate event score on a postcard that reads...
10 Seconds Music

Erase all sounds from the whole world for only 10 seconds.

(original wording corrected)

[106] Michael Arata - USA

[106] Soul/Fart - Michael Arata - USA
"Prop, Soul/Fart" Hand Held
Soul for those who do not have one.
Fart for those who do not.
Mixed media 2010 7x1.5x1.5 inches
Audience participation allowed. photo documentation requested
video links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=UDzP-1ZnyMQ

[105] Alan Schwartz - USA

[105] Level Down - Alan Schwartz - USA
colored text on paper mounted on mat board

[104] Champe Smith

[103] Alexia L. Gordon, MD (USA)

[103] Puzzle Cubes - Alexia L. Gordon, MD (USA)
Box with altered Rubiks Cubes
Inside lids says: Take a chance or play it safe, your choice.
The all-black puzzle cube is intended for those who like to play things safe. You'll solve the puzzle no matter which way you twist the sides. The puzzle cube with the skulls is intended for the adventurous. If you decide to take a chance and play the game you have to be prepared for failure. You might not be able to solve the puzzle.

[102] Dr. William R. Howe - Cincinnati, Ohio USA

[102] Fluxonomics - Box #2 of 8 - Dr. William R. Howe - Cincinnati, Ohio USA
wooden box Letterpress on wood, glass mirror, and game components from a Monopoly game. 9"x12"x3.25"

[101] Julie Banrik - USA

[101] Complication of the Discombobulation - Julie Banrik - USA
cage, puzzle, floral wire

[100] Mimi Shapiro USA

[2010.099] Jennifer Barnett (USA)

[2010.099] Jennifer Barnett (USA)
Title: The No-Calorie Cake
Description: This cake was meant as a practical joke. The idea is to set up a birthday party for your loved one, and then give them this cake instead of a real one. For the best result, drop the cake just as you are presenting it to them.
Materials: cardboard boxes in three sizes, Fast 'N Final Lightweight Spackling, and artificial flowers.

[098] Eliz (Elizabeth Beckmann) (USA)

[2010.flux4.098] Twenty-Six New York Bathrooms - Eliz (Elizabeth Beckmann) (USA)
small plastic cases containing smaller plastic boxes, photographs.
Donated by the artist, received by mail 2010.

Artist Statement: Inspired by Peter Greenway's documentary Twenty-Six Bathrooms, represents various bathrooms, both public and private from New York City. As part of a photo-sculpture series, they redirect the high aesthetics of photography as an art form into a plaything. By Fixing photographs within handling-objects as opposed to wall bound frames. I create a personal, boundless relationship between viewer and object, not to mention a new format of porta-potties. The photo-objects are great fun for me as well because the structure of the box determines the composition.
The internal grid construction of the small cases defines the size, shape and rythmn of the photo compositions. The trasparent quality of the boxes when viewed from different arrangements of the sculpture, (closed, open, front, back, placement of the smaller boxes without or within the sculpture, etc.), performs like a silent cinematic experience: a sequence of close-ups, long shots and panoramic shots. The viewer may rearrange the piece inside and out, exploring the multi-faceted aspects of a bathroom, art object and plaything. Thus, the conventional notions of one's relationship to the artist, who usually determines the end construction of a non-ephemeral work, dissolve like urine in a toilet bowl.
Therefore, by investigating the snapshot itself and what can be done with it as opposed to manipulating the images in the darkroom or in photoshop or controlling the outcome of the picture by the use of lenses, filters, etc., (I used a small disposable black and white camera), I am confined to the valuable study of the subject and not the mechanism of photographing. My process refuses traditional techniques and compositions of sculpture and photography. Each sculptural composition is a mere collection of rectangular pieces of paper that represent a New York bathroom. They are cut and pasted pictures of mundane subjects: toilets, plumbing, toilet paper, floors, etc., which become abstract or surreal images. The Twenty-Six New York Bathrooms divorce themselves from conventional notions of bathrooms, photography and sculpture.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[097] Bibianna Padilla Maltos Mexico

[097] Memory Game (traveling size) Bibianna Padilla Maltos  Mexico
labels with instructions

[096] Gruppo Sinestetico Italy

[096] Arte Senso - Gruppo Sinestetico Italy
Cardboard carton with printing

[095] Kathleen McHugh USA

[095] From Autopsies to Art - Kathleen McHugh USA
Box assemblage with found objects, poetry, phtographs

[094] William Evertson USA

[094]Artifact & Art - William Evertson USA

[093] Mary Bogdan Canada

[093] Games We Play  - Mary Bogdan - Canada
2010 - mixed media assemblage with found objects, 9”x9”x1” approx (not including hanging cords).

Description: One Baoding ball (from a set of two Chinese exercise balls) with moon face; scrabble pieces;dice; marbles; alphabets; in an opened ginseng ampoule box, inserted and wrapped with printed snippets torn from various bibles (Christian, Mormon,Jewish) and other books in different languages representing the “games we play” in reference to religion, literature & art.

[092] Mark Bloch USA


Secrets of the Ancient 20th Century Gamers - Mark Bloch - USA

Plastic bag, patch, die with the number One and printed matter

Ten Fluxus Scores by Mark Bloch


Post-Fluxus Fluxus Event by Mark Bloch 

Associate with Fluxus. 


Post-Fluxus Futility Event by Mark Bloch 

Tell someone not associated with Fluxus you want to be associated with Fluxus.


Post-Fluxus Fluxus Secret Membership Event by Mark Bloch

  • Associate with Fluxus in your mind.

  • Don't tell anyone.


Post-Fluxus Begging Event for Allen Bukoff
by Mark Bloch

Tell someone associated with Fluxus you want to be associated with Fluxus.


Post-Fluxus Professor Event for Susan Shulman

Listen to original Fluxus people discussing Fluxus in a recording.

Post-Fluxus Professor Event for Ben Patterson

Listen to original Fluxus people discussing Fluxus in person.


Post-Fluxus Professor Event for Angela Ferrara

Read original Fluxus people discussing Fluxus in print.


Post-Fluxus Verbose Event for Allan Revich
  • Write about Fluxus.
  • Wait.
Post-Fluxus Image Event for Cecil Touchon
  • Make an image listing Fluxus artists.
  • Wait.

Post-Fluxus Sloth Piece
by Mark Bloch


[091] Lubomyr Tymkiv - Ukraine

[091] Tourist Set Game - Lubomyr Tymkiv - Ukraine
6x8 inches - plywood, wood, tape, paper

[090] Luc Fierens Belgium

[090] Fluxus Entertainment - Luc Fierens - Begium
2010 - Assemblage

[089] Keith Buchholz USA

[089] Safely Game - Keith Buchholz USA
Box Assemblage

[088] Keith Buchholz USA

[088]Location Game - Keith Buchholz USA
Box Assemblage

[087] Manuel Olivares Italy

[087] GAME: "Three Paintings Play at Being Photos" Manuel Olivares   Italy
Painting on three attached canvases

[086] Valerie MacEwan - USA

[086] Rule Book: I Want It Game - Valerie MacEwan - USA
materials: cloth case with hand made book composed of pages from an Ikea catalog


[085] Tulio Restrepo Colombia

[085]  No Parking Video Performance Tulio Restrepo

[084] Tulio Restrepo Columbia

[084] Fluxus Puzzle Cube - Tulio Restrepo Columbia

[083] Torma Cauli Hungary

[083] Torma Cauli - Hungary

[082] Tara Verheide - USA

[082]Cheap Thrills - Tara Verheide - USA
materials: box with lath and string with safely pins holding beads with letters that spell Flux Box
inside a mirror, four books of matches, several Land-O-Lakes butter box parts and instructions for lude activities for the enclosed materials.

FluxBox Directions:
Make The CheapThrills FluxBox:
Buy Land o' Lakes Butter so as to recycle box.
Recycle box by cutting out its' side panels which image the  Native American (previously known as "Indian")  Maiden.
Place Panels, in any box suitable, along with some Xacto or utility style blades, and a roll of tape.
Place as many match books as you have pairs of recycled panels in the same box.
Label the Storage Box, now known as a FluxBox: "Cheap Thrills".
Put the FluxBox away until Cheap Thrills will suffice.
Utilize The CheapThrills FluxBox:
After Opening The FluxBox,Give each FluxBox participant 2 Panels, a blade, and a book of matches.
Instruct participants to use blade to cut clean through, bottom and sides of butter box held against Maiden's Chest so that a flap with hinge at the top is created. 
Now Instruct participants to place knees of other panels Maiden Image behind the flap.
Open and close the flap at will for a cheap thrill.
If this thrill does not make participants feel sufficient heat for thrill to occur. utilize matches.
Instruct participants to remove 3 matches from MatchBook.
Have participnts split cardboard of one match into 2 legs about half way up shaft, leave match head intact.
Place a secnd atch between the split legs, heads in same direction.
With third match, strike to light, and touch to light the othere 2 match heads ready and in formation.
Watch action for your next Thrill.
Tell your participants that if this box did not light their fires then they will need to spend more time and money elsewhere.
Be Aware:
Is in no means
Limited to
To begin, get yourself in touch with a room full of stuff you are free to use.
Handle as much of the stuff as time allows in one shot.
Put aside anything that strikes your fancy.
Go away.
Come back at a later time.
In one shot, take all the items saved-out, the entire collection, and as quickly as possible slap them together into compositions that  follow a numerical rule only. 
Keep the rule simple, say 2 or 3 items per individual composition. 
Once the number rule is made, stick to it. 
As you assemble the items, use whatever means available to adhere them together. 
Go as fast as you can, think as little as possible; and do not stop until all the items collected, are used up.
When there are no more items to adhere, you are done.
Sign each composition, date and number 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, etc..
Show work or give work away gratis, preferably via mail.

[081] Dave Seiler - USA

[081] RETOOLING THE WEST (Phrenitiscope #15) - Dave Seiler - USA

[080] liketelevisionsnow - USA

[080] Zen and Then - Zentient Beings Inc. - from: liketelevisionsnow - USA
printed matter, zippered plastic bag, instructions

[079] Zachary Gene Haney McCauley USA

[079] Words as Seeds - Zachary Gene Haney McCauley - USA
Burial Box with instructions. 8x6x1.5 inches

[078] Antonio Sassu - Italy

[078]  Computer Game - Antonio Sassu - Italy

[077] Sandra Valdujo Brazil

[077] Chaplet of Our Lady of Kiss - Sandra Valdujo - Brazil
2010 15x15x15cm
 Prayer and meditation can be a form of entertainment, a game to occupy the mind of evil thoughts.

The Chaplet comes with a group of ten beads, a medal of Our Lady of Kiss and a single account with Crucifix. 

1st - IN PREPARATION: Take a little relaxation and think good thoughts and offer a chaplet to all in need of much love and kisses.
2nd - THE GROUPING OF 10 COUNTS orations are repeated 10 times: "Our Lady of Kiss" to make the world love and kiss forever.
3rd - IN A SINGLE COUNT: pray to save the souls who do not kiss.
4th - THE CROSS: Give thanks for all the kisses She gave and will continue to give.

[076] Artist Info Pending.


[075] Rick Petrea USA

[075] Rick Petrea USA
Ashtray - Photo - Marble

[074] Reed Wood USA

[074] Haven't-Garde Art - Reed Wood (USA)
A postcard and a cloth patch

[073] Reed Wood USA

[072] Reid Altemus USA

[072] Disposable Knife Interlude - Reid Altemus USA
Plastic Knife with instructions for how to play it like a musical instrument.

[071] Picasso Gaglione - USA

[071] Box of Games - Picasso Gaglione - USA
Box Assemblage with found objects

[070] Patrick Anderson-McQuoid - Ireland

[070] Natural Diversion - Patrick Anderson-McQuoid - Ireland
plastic case with feather and thread - 4 x 2.5 x 2

[069] Parys St Martin USA

[069] Create with Shapes - Parys St Martin USA
Tin, wooden shapes, blue mat board
Leave it to chance - grab a handful of shapes and throw them onto the board or create your own design.

[068] Pal Csaba - Hungary

[068] Joker - Pal Csaba  - Budapest, Hungary
2010 hand painted joker playing card glued atop 10 other cards
2.25 x 3.5 x .4 inches

[067] Jamie Newton - USA

[067] Sorry I Missed You - Jamie Newton - USA
2010 rock with writing, jewel case

[066] NeRRaDa - Australia

[066]Art Strife Kit - NeRRaDa - Australia
Art Strife Kit
plastic soldiers, chinese take-out box with labels, stickers, event cards

[065] Miguel Jimenez - Seville, Spain

[065] Three Photo Collages on Paper - Miguel Jimenez - Seville, Spain
6x8 inches each

[064] Michelle N. Ary - USA

[064] Fluxus Game Mask - Michelle N. Ary - USA
16x10 inches - materials: chopsticks, black metal wire, silver metal wire, glass and silver beads, chain, bone dice beads,small green glass bottle, black feathers, book board cut from recycled books, propeller from a fan, printed pictures of drawing by the artist.

Notes: This is a mask and is used as an aid in inspiration, in terms of, decision making and game ploy tactics. It shows the illusion of the gambit, as for the ruse that it is and ensures fair play. When wearing this mask, the answers will just leap out to you and be as obvious as day! No cleaver strategem or tricks will ever get past you again.
To Use: Smell the scent in the gree bottle, then hold handle in right hand (as shown with eyes looking out and nose lined up with the center point of the propeller) and you must them believe, without a shaddow of a doubt, that it will work for you. It will amaze you and your friends.

[063] Maureen Bachaus USA

[063] The Family Secret - Maureen Bachaus - USA
2010 12x10x6 cm, wood, fabric, glass, photograph
The Family Secret contains a story. The artwork is a puzzle that needs to be solved. The symbols used are leading you to the truth. The visitors of the museum, and the people who buy the catalog may try to figure out what the secret is. They can send their story to the museum or write their story in the displayed sketchbook. So a number of these stories will - if possible - be exhibited in the museum and - if possible - be published in the catalog. The Family Secret is a true story, Maureen Bachaus always works with real stories of real people.
The Family Secret can be displayed hanging on the wall (box open), with the instructions beside it. It can also be displayed standing (also with box open) like a little sculpture, with the text hanging near it. A book or collage with different stories (letters or hand written notes or emails) from different people can also be a part of the display... eventually.

I would like to ask everyone who works in the museum to write their version of the Family Secret to give the visitors an example.