Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[064] Michelle N. Ary - USA

[064] Fluxus Game Mask - Michelle N. Ary - USA
16x10 inches - materials: chopsticks, black metal wire, silver metal wire, glass and silver beads, chain, bone dice beads,small green glass bottle, black feathers, book board cut from recycled books, propeller from a fan, printed pictures of drawing by the artist.

Notes: This is a mask and is used as an aid in inspiration, in terms of, decision making and game ploy tactics. It shows the illusion of the gambit, as for the ruse that it is and ensures fair play. When wearing this mask, the answers will just leap out to you and be as obvious as day! No cleaver strategem or tricks will ever get past you again.
To Use: Smell the scent in the gree bottle, then hold handle in right hand (as shown with eyes looking out and nose lined up with the center point of the propeller) and you must them believe, without a shaddow of a doubt, that it will work for you. It will amaze you and your friends.

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