Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[041] Janine Nichols - USA

[041] Trumped - Janine Nichols - USA
2010 - 20x20 inches - Altered Game Board - image transfers on discarded game board.

A little background: I can't stand the man, Trump. I can't stand that he thinks for so much as a moment that he has or will ever have a place in the history of American architecture.

I found a discarded gameboard for Trump: The Game right where it belonged: in the recycling area of my apartment building. I'd been thinking about making something to submit to the next Fluxus Fluxhibition in Ft. Worth, focused on toys and games. When I saw this I thought about the full-page ad I'd just seen in the NYTimes promoting the new Palladio show at the Morgan Library. Mercifully, the gameboard didn't sport D. Trumps' porcine visage anywhere , so I made a transfer of Palladio's engraved portrait and placed him at center. I then circled him with portraits culled from old museum catalogs. I thought of them (loosely) as his patrons, muses, cronies, disciples, builders.

I left two "For Sale" signs untouched. Those are Trump's. 

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