Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[063] Maureen Bachaus USA

[063] The Family Secret - Maureen Bachaus - USA
2010 12x10x6 cm, wood, fabric, glass, photograph
The Family Secret contains a story. The artwork is a puzzle that needs to be solved. The symbols used are leading you to the truth. The visitors of the museum, and the people who buy the catalog may try to figure out what the secret is. They can send their story to the museum or write their story in the displayed sketchbook. So a number of these stories will - if possible - be exhibited in the museum and - if possible - be published in the catalog. The Family Secret is a true story, Maureen Bachaus always works with real stories of real people.
The Family Secret can be displayed hanging on the wall (box open), with the instructions beside it. It can also be displayed standing (also with box open) like a little sculpture, with the text hanging near it. A book or collage with different stories (letters or hand written notes or emails) from different people can also be a part of the display... eventually.

I would like to ask everyone who works in the museum to write their version of the Family Secret to give the visitors an example.

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